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Robo Farmer Robo Farmer

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Can i give ya some help?

Hey nice game so far....

but there are a few possible glitches....

first off enemy fire ... when standing "on" right next to the enemy when they shoot it doesnt hit "me". also they seem to fire really slow. i dont know if you intended it that way but it makes the game way to easy.

second jump... okay when you jump it "overjumps" i dont know if you meant it that way but it is not smooth jump. you kinda float there for a sec or two.

third intro... i think it would be better if you made the newcaster speak. there are programs out there that make voices.

fourth graphics --- i think it would be better if there was a more traditional crosshair instead of the red dot... but it is your game :D
all the graphics appear to move smooth... but a lil on the slow side makeing the game really really easy

but it is good so far so keep up the good work ;D
those are just minor suggestions :D

AcidBasick responds:

Thanks very much for the helpful review.

I fixed the enemies not being able to hit you. It should have been only one enemy that did this. The slow rate of fire is intentional. As you progress, enemies get harder to kill and more powerful, so it balances out. I wanted the player to use his shield if he wanted.

The overjump is intentional as well. Certain objects you can double jump over. I didn't think it was hurting the game.

I'm terrible at introductions (and also conclusions). Thanks for the tip though.

Crosshair has been added.

Frogbag gets a license! Frogbag gets a license!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

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Not Reviewed by: cheeko1 Overall rating: 0
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